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Sign up for an account on the site automatically implies that you accept certain terms and conditions of the site. This indicates your awareness of these terms and conditions for your own information. This relates to the subject of cookies, personal data and the use of information from our Aviator website for various purposes.

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Private Policy

By entering your email address, you confirm that we can send newsletters to it for the purpose of contextual and other advertising. You also have the right to refuse this free service and unsubscribe from these notifications. Your email address is no longer used for any other purposes.

To provide high-quality service, constant analytics are carried out, which are formed by anonymously tracking interactions on the site. Considering this fact, it is important to clarify that the information collected is not distributed to third parties, all this is used only for the purpose of improving the platform and remains within the company and the relevant administrative departments.

We Use Cookies

The purpose of cookies is to gather details about these interactions on the website in a brief and anonymous way. The information stored in these files is information such as comments, common actions, and different voices. Its the only method to get a better experience for your customers.

Copyright Agreement

There is no charge for the information contained on the site and members are encouraged to distribute and publish it, specifying the authorship of the site. Any other form of copying or misappropriation of data is not permitted.

Age and Location Restrictions

The terms and conditions of the site stipulate that users visiting the site and registering a gaming account must be of legal age and have the right to enter into agreements and make decisions regarding the use of the games and gaming sites. Also the location information must be accurate as well as the location of the user. It is unacceptable to use methods that could change their location or redirect traffic to another area.

Outbound Links

The site may indicate other sites as sources of current information. This indicates that we only endorse the information on the website to which we link, and not other information. If you notice any potentially illegal information, please contact our specialists to resolve this issue.


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Player Support Specialist at Aviator.