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In order to provide you with a better navigation experience and to differentiate you from other users, the Aviator Online website uses cookies. Here is more information about cookies, including their functions, classification, use, and purpose. In our privacy notices, available on our website, you can find more information about what we do and how we process personal data.

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What is a Cookie?

If you visit the Aviator Online website, it will store a small text file on your computer or mobile device. A unique identifier may be present in this small text file to differentiate your computer or mobile device from others. Throughout this Cookie Notice, we refer to the term “cookies” when referring to website cookies and similar technologies that automatically collect your information when you use our websites (such as pixel tags and web beacons).

Source and Categories of Cookies

There are proprietary cookies and third-party cookies on our site. The website or domain that hosts the cookie determines whether it is an “own” cookie or a “third-party” cookie. During the course of this Cookie Notice, second-party cookies refer to those set by our agents, and all information collected through them is collected by us, whereas first-party cookies refer to those set by us. You may also receive cookies from these third parties when you visit our website, which they use to collect information about your use of the website and perhaps other online activities across different websites and applications over time. Your web browser transmits data directly to these third parties, and their privacy policies govern their use of this information.

Depending on the type of cookies, they will:

  • Temporarily stored in your browser’s memory and destroyed when you close it (“Session Cookies”).
  • Stored on your computer so that when you close it and start it again, it may still be there (“Persistent Cookies”).

Cookies Management

Our company values transparency and is committed to giving you control over your personal information. You can update your cookie preferences at any time if you prefer to change your cookie settings or delete cookies from your device.

The default setting for most internet browsers is to automatically accept cookies. If you want to block cookies or receive notifications when cookies are sent to your device, you can change your settings. You must ensure that each browser on each device is set according to your cookie preferences if you use different devices to access our website (such as your computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.).

How We Use Cookies?

A variety of purposes we use cookies, including:

  • To improve the functionality and performance of our website and mobile applications;
  • To remember your preferences and settings, such as your preferred language or location;
  • To provide advertising that is more appropriate to you and your interests;
  • To understand how you interact with our services, such as which web pages you visit most often;
  • To improve the security of our website and mobile applications;
  • We also use third-party cookies to provide advertising that is more relevant to you and your interests.

Changes to this Cookie

Looking ahead, Aviator Online plans to post any changes to this cookie notice on this page and notify you as soon as possible. In order to keep up to date with all updates and changes to the cookie notice, it is important that you visit this page periodically so that you don’t miss anything important. Notifications of these changes will also be sent to you by updating our cookie banner/pop-up window.


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