Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is summarized on this page and explains all measures taken to ensure the security of user data, ethical gaming and compliance with the laws of the countries in which the site operates. Working in the online gambling industry requires strict standards to be met, and Aviator is committed to maintain these levels of standards for all users. If you visit and use the website, you accept the procedures set out in this privacy statement.

Before playing Aviator, please review the Privacy Policy.

Conditions of Use

By engaging with Aviator, the user hereby accepts certain terms and conditions to maintain a fair gaming experience. You agree, by registering, to allow Aviator to utilize your account information in a manner that complies with the terms and conditions described to improve your gaming experience. Failure to accept the terms and conditions, kindly leave the site. Anyone involved in the production of this content is not responsible for any improper use of the information.

We will tell you the terms of cooperation with the Aviator website.

Responsible Gaming

Given the fact that the site offers a wide range of entertainment, Aviator draws attention to the fact that it is important to treat all entertainment on the Internet from a position of responsible gambling, thereby urging players to always play responsibly and take into account all potential risks that may arise during such interaction. Gambling is a way to have a good time and escape from the daily routine, but it is not the primary source of income. It is unwise to borrow money to gamble and spend more than you can reasonably afford and can lead to serious financial problems.

The site provides all the information necessary to keep every user of the site aware of responsible gaming. Similarly, it brings together tools that let users put limits in place, making sure they stay in control. Options for self-exclusion or seeking professional advice and assistance also exist for those who feel the urge to do so.

Относитесь ответственно к игре в «Авиатор».

Website Privacy Policy

When accessing the Aviator website, the site operator may collect some information regarding access to the site, as well as its processing. These actions take place in accordance with the law. Cookies are a tool that is used to collect relevant information. Also, other similar technologies may be included in this process, which are capable of analyzing the information collected to improve the user experience. Data is safely encrypted, securely stored and protected from unauthorized access.

Мы придерживаемся политики конфиденциальности сайта Авиатор.

Children’s Privacy

Aviator complies strongly with the privacy policies of children. It is intended for individuals who are at least 18 years of age or the age of majority for Internet gambling in their respective jurisdictions. No personal information is collected or stored by us from persons under 18 years of age. If such information comes to our notice, such information will be promptly deleted from our records.

We will tell you about the privacy policy for minors.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Some items of the privacy policy may be periodically changed/updated on the Aviator website. These changes are accompanied by notices that are in a visible area for each user. You agree to be informed of these changes by using our website even after the changes have been made and posted.

The privacy policy may change on the Aviator website.

Your Rights

Each Aviator user has a certain number of rights in respect of your private information. It is possible to rectify or update your Personal Data, and to demand the deletion of your information in particular cases. Likewise, you can restrict or oppose the handling of your data. If you want to assert your rights or for clarification on any privacy-related issues, do not hesitate to consult our dedicated service team, who will help you promptly.

We will tell you about your rights on the Aviator website.

Data Retention

The data collected during interaction with Aviator will be stored on our servers until such time as there is a direct need for them, which allows us to fully provide our services in accordance with the requirements set out in this Privacy Policy and in accordance with the requirements of the law. When a point arises where the data is no longer required, your personal information will be deleted from our sources in accordance with our data retention procedures.

We will tell you how your data is stored on the Aviator website.