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Our website, which is devoted to the complexities of the game, winning methods, and evaluations of bookies who let you play Aviator for real money, is a community of Aviator gamers in South Africa.

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Our Mission

Our goal is to provide you accurate, up-to-date information on Aviator’s rules and online casinos where you may play the game.

Separately, we concentrate on Aviator playing tips and tactics to improve your real money gaming experience.

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Our Team

A group of experts and marketers in the South African gaming sector developed our website. Learn more about us!


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Patel Chandran is the author of the website.

Patel Chandran

Creator and Editor-in-Chief.

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Sandile Horn is an gaming expert in South Africa.

Sandile Horn

Gambling Expert. I am involved in the evaluation and inspection of gambling and casinos within South Africa. This page has been verified by me for expertise, honesty and accuracy.

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